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Pronominal Verbs

Cada día un poco de práctica (Every day a little practice):

Pronominal Verbs

You can use pronominal verbs (verbs that in the infinitive have the pronoun ‘se’ as ending, e.g. cambiarse) in three basic ways:

a) As plain pronominal verbs. Example: Despedirse = To say good bye.
b) As reflexive verbs. Example: Peinarse = To comb oneself.
c) As a passive voice form. Example: Elegirse = To be elected.

Each of the three previous ways is subdivided into two:

a-1) Straight pronominal verb. Example: fastidiarse = to be/get bored (notice that ‘fastidiar’ [not pronominal] is = to tease / to annoy / to bother).
Example: Me fastidio leyendo este libro = I get bored reading this book

a-2) Dative pronominal verb. Example: agarrarse = to grab for oneself (notice that ‘agarrarse’ is not reflexive in this context. You do not grab yourself, but rather for yourself).
Example: Pedro se agarró todos los ositos de goma = Pedro grabbed all of the gummy bears for him/himself
In this case, you could omit the pronoun ‘se’: Pedro agarró todos los ositos de goma = Pedro grabbed all of the gummy bears. However, native speakers prefer to use the pronoun.

b-1) Reflexive verb. Example: agarrarse = to grab oneself.
Example: Patricia se agarró el cabello para hacerse un moño = Patricia grabbed her hair to make a bun

b-2) Reciprocal verb. Example: amarse = to love each other (not to love oneself in this context).
Example: Ellos se aman = They love each other

c-1) Verb in the passive voice. Example: pintarse = to be painted (not reflexive in this context).
Example: La pared se pintó esta mañana = La pared fue pintada esta mañana = The wall was painted this morning

c-2) Impersonal passive verb. Example: solicitarse = to be wanted
Example: Se solicita cajero = Cashier/Teller is wanted (Literally: It is wanted a cashier/teller)


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